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On Award Enrichment

Australia Awards in Indonesia (AAI) provide selected individuals with the opportunity to obtain an Australian university degree, contributing to human resource capacity building and to Indonesia’s ongoing development. In addition, the experience awardees gain while in Australia – the “on-award” experience – is highly valuable in developing strategic networks and linkages with Australians and Australian organisations.

On Award Enrichment as delivered by AAI describes the activities facilitated by its Australia-based team, working with universities and key public and private organisations to contribute to the development of strategic networks and linkages.  The desired outcome of these activities are:

  • Indonesian alumni report increased and stronger links with Australians and Australian organisations;
  • More Indonesian alumni view their scholarship experience and Australia and Australians in general in a positive light.

On-award enrichment opportunities are offered through six streams as follows:

1. Australian Society

Two activities (of one day duration each) are included in this stream, delivered across Australia in 2017 to provide awardees with an understanding of foundational principles, concepts and approaches in Australian life:

BAGUS (Bringing Australian Government Understanding to Students) provides awardees with an opportunity to learn about the systems of government operating in Australia.  It takes the mystery out of the Australian parliamentary system and provides a valuable compare/contrast with the Indonesian parliamentary system

SETARA provides awardees with an understanding of social inclusion which underpins much of the community debate which awardees will be exposed to during their time in Australia.  In addition to broad issues of social inclusion, participants will also learn how gender awareness is incorporated into leadership and general policy-making in Australia. 

Following the delivery of the one day programs to awardees around Australia, BAGUS and SETARA Three Day Seminars will be available for selected awardees. Participants will travel to join other seminar participants and will spend three days developing further concepts discussed in the one day seminar series and to meet with key stakeholders to explore professional linkages and opportunities between Australia and Indonesia.

2. Public Diplomacy

Aimed to get awardees out into society to meet with Australians and to make valuable connections. This stream consists of two activities:

CAFÉ (Connection, Association, Friendship and Exchange) provides an opportunity to connect awardees with Australians from a similar professional background. This activity is best described as a peer-to-peer or peer-to-mentor scheme.  While it is not an internship opportunity, it is anticipated that CAFÉ will provide mutually beneficial professional insights.  In 2017, there are 150 participants in CAFÉ.

Public Speaking opportunities will be initiated in 2017 through a partnership with an international public speaking organization.  This activity will provide an opportunity to develop public speaking skills and to develop a professional network in a supportive personal development environment.  Further information will be provided as it comes to hand.

3. Development Plus

This stream refers to the relationship AAI has with a number of development organisations working in Indonesia and the opportunity this provides for awardees.  In particular, our relationship with AVID (Australian Volunteers in International Development), ACICIS (Australian Consortium for In-Country Indonesian Studies), Asia Education Foundation and New Colombo Plan will provide opportunities for awardees to meet alumni from these programs in CAFÉ and other On Award Enrichment activities. 

4. Research Seminars

Recognising the considerable scope for strategic professional linkages that exists between research awardees and Australian organisations, these two activities are designed to facilitate key contacts and to assist in the transition from research to policy.

KAJIAN is designed to showcase AAI Doctoral student’s ideas and findings and to build connections between Indonesian research students in Australia and the Australian research community. The audience of interested individuals in the seminar include academic, public, private and non-government sector representatives, as well as fellow research students.  KAJIAN offers an opportunity for AAI Doctoral students to make valuable connections with their research peers at the early and mid-point and final stages of their Doctorate. 

RIRI (Research Investment– Republic Indonesia) introduces Indonesian researchers to Australia’s approaches to research investment, addressing i) Why invest in research, and ii) How Australia invests in research.  The activity will be a two-day workshop, where selected awardees will participate in a program of presentations, site visits, workshops and networking, facilitated by a research/governance specialist.   Presenters will be drawn from the Australian Research Council, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), the Australian Council for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), the Australian National University and the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.

5. State Government Programs

This stream consists of a seminar series delivered separately by the State Governments of Western Australia, Victoria and NSW.  These programs provide a professional development opportunity for selected awardees in these states.  The seminar series will provide an insight to key state development priorities and will also include an opportunity to meet key state government officials and to visit key projects. 

6. Conference Participation

Each year depending upon the relative numbers of awardees from Indonesia represented in each professional sector, a different activity will occur designed to develop key professional linkages within that professional sector.  In 2015 and 2016, the On Award Enrichment Program ran a four day workshop focusing on marine affairs and fisheries.  The workshop included field visits and presentations on Australia’s approach to the management of fisheries and the marine environment.

In 2017, the conference participation will be Public Health and AAI will deliver a professional development activity timed to coincide with one of the principal public health conference.  It is anticipated that AAI will provide a pre and post conference workshop to assist awardees to get the most out of this activity.


For more information about On Award Enrichment please refer to the additional website information provided under ‘OAE Streams’.  You can also send an email enquiry to: