Priority Fields of Study

Candidates are encouraged to apply to study courses which fall within Priority Development Areas (PDA). The PDA relate directly to the strategic objectives contained in the Australia and Indonesia Country Strategy. An indicative list of the areas for study follows.

Priority Development Areas (PDA)

Effective economic institutions and infrastructure

Human development for a productive and healthy society

An inclusive society through effective governance

Description of Priority Development Areas

Supporting Indonesia to boost inclusive growth and productive jobs by improving policy and regulatory settings and incentives for investment in infrastructure, particularly from the private sector.

Improving the productivity and mobility of Indonesia’s labour force through systemic change to provide better quality health and education services to local communities.

Support for improved law and justice sector outcomes, local government strengthening, women’s empowerment and access for people with disabilities to public services and social assistance.

Priority Fields of Study

  • Trade
  • Small and medium enterprise development
  • Economics
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Transport Safety
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Mining
  • Livestock management
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Agriculture
  • Aquaculture/fisheries
  • Forestry
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Climate Change
  • Rural Growth
  • Disaster Prevention and Management
  • Cyber Security
  • Development Studies
  • International Studies
  • Communicable Disease Prevention
  • Health Management
  • Health Services
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Public Health
  • Education and Training
  • Education Management
  • Human Resource Development
  • Law, legal and judicial systems
  • Political Science and Government
  • Public administration
  • Public expenditure management
  • Public Sector Reform
  • Environmental Law
  • Anti-corruption
  • Decentralisation
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Transnational Crime Prevention
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Women and Gender Studies
  • Disability Services


How to Select a university and course of study

DFAT’s website includes a full list of Australian institutions that are eligible to host Awardees. You need to decide which institution you want to attend and choose an appropriate course. To find out about the content of specific courses, you research the individual institution website. To find out about universities in Australia please go to Study in Australia website at

You should choose two preferences when submitting your application for Australia Awards in Indonesia by providing the course CRICOS code in your application for each preference. You are encouraged to choose two different institutions rather than two different courses at the same institution. If your application for your first preference is unsuccessful, DFAT will forward your application to your second choice of institution.  The CRICOS code for your course can be found on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) Website

To find more about how to select a university and course of study please see the flow chart at the following link: How to select a university and course of study.

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