Australia Awards in Indonesia

The Australia Awards are prestigious, transformational scholarships and short courses offered to emerging leaders for study, research and professional development in Australia

Pre-Departure Process

A. Commencement of Pre-Departure Training in Indonesia 
This is the start of the first stage of your Australia Awards scholarship. Pre-Departure Training consists of English for Academic Purposes, Cross Cultural Studies, Learning Strategies and Study Skills, Information Literacy Skills and Computer Skills. The emphasis placed upon each component depends upon the length of the Pre-Departure Training.

B. Introductory briefing by the Australia Awards in Indonesia team
This is designed to provide you with an overview of your scholarship program. A member of the Australia Awards in Indonesia team will conduct this session.

C. Mobilisation briefing by the Australia Awards in Indonesia team
The Australia Awards team will visit you to talk about the university placement process as well as provide information to you on the required medical examination and visa application process.

D. Student Visa Form completed
The visa form will be provided to you by the Placement staff. You should complete this form and return it to the Australia Awards office, as advised by Australia Awards team.

E. Medical Examination completed
You must undertake a medical examination . This will be performed by one of the Australian Embassy recognised doctors. This list will be provided to you. The results are valid for 12 months, so it is recommended that you get this done as soon as possible.

F. University Preferences finalised
You must submit your first two university and course preferences to the Australia Awards team. Remember that these choices are final. The response to the first preference from the University will be an Unconditional Offer, a Conditional Offer or a Rejection. If it is a rejection then the Pre-Award Officer will inform you and advise you that Australia Awards Office will make a request for placement in your second preference.

G. Pre-Departure Training concludes
This is the conclusion of the first stage of your Australia Awards scholarship. Scholars return to their home province/home organisation until departure to Australia.

H. IELTS Test undertaken
This is the IELTS test that you take at the end of your Pre-Departure Training. The result of this test is forwarded to the university during the placement process.

I. University Offer received
After the university considers the result of your IELTS test (as sent by the Australia Awards team) they will either change your Conditional Offer to a Full Offer or change it to a Rejection. You will be informed of the progress of your application on the Australia Awards website

J. Applying for Passport
Public Servants can apply for a blue passport only after they receive a full offer from the university. Non Public Servants can apply for a green passport at any time.

K. Passport submitted to the Department of Home Affairs by Australia Awards in Indonesia
When your passport has been produced, you must submit this to the Australia Awards in Indonesia office. Australia Awards in Indonesia staff will then forward it to the Department of Home Affairs office at the Australian Embassy for a student visa. You must have already completed and submitted your Visa Application Form.

L. Visa issued and returned to Australia Awards team
When your visa has been issued by Department of Home Affairs, it will be collected by Australia Awards team members.

M. Scholar collects passport and ticket
Once the visa has been granted by the Australian Immigration, Australia Awards in Indonesia will send it to your email address, followed by your e-ticket.

N. Scholar departs for Australia
Air tickets will be arranged by Australia Awards. Your arrival date in Australia will be arranged for approximately 7 days before the start of the IAP Program.

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