For Future Applicants

Short Term Awards are scholarships from the Government of Australia for Indonesians to study in a short course program in Australia. Short Term Awards provide an opportunity for Australia Awards in Indonesia to be flexible and responsive to the needs of organisations or sectors. This condition is especially relevant for senior staff in an organisation who are unable to be released for long-term study and who are senior Indonesian decision makers and influencers.

Depending on the type of the course, the length of Award ranges from 1 week to 3 weeks study in Australia

The Short Term Awards cycle consists of three phases: in-Indonesia Pre-Award Workshop, in-Australia short course, and in-Indonesia Post-Award Workshop.

It is compulsory for successful applicants to join the whole cycle. Failure to comply with the participation requirement will result in the Award being cancelled.

Awardees will be given a Certificate of Completion upon completing the Award.

There are two types of applications: Open and Targeted. Please see the applicant information of each course under Applicant Section

It is a Short Term Award offered to Indonesians who meet the criteria of the Award topic. Before applying, prospective applicants have to make sure they satisfy the requirements of the particular award.

It is a Short Term Award offered to the staff of targeted organisations. To be eligible to apply, prospective applicants have to be nominated by the organisations. Without nomination, the application will not be assessed.

Application forms for the Open category will be posted on the website.

Application forms for the Targeted category can only be accessed through the targeted organisation.

There is no specific date that Short Term Awards applications open. Each Award has its own opening and closing dates. The information about opening and closing dates for Open Category applications will be posted on the website.

  • In-Indonesia Pre-Course Workshop –provision of Pre-Departure session prior to commencement of study including in-Indonesia stipend during the workshop; (please note that during COVID-19 all Pre-Course Workshops are delivered online)
  • In Australia Course – including in-Australia stipend during the course;
  • Accommodation in Australia during the course;
  • Domestic flight for in-Indonesia workshops, if certain conditions are met;
  • International flight;
  • Domestic and international insurance during the workshops and course;
  • In-Indonesia Post-Course Workshop –including in-Indonesia stipend during the workshop;
  • Accommodation during in-Indonesia workshops.
  • Complete application form;
  • Recent and comprehensive CV highlighting the connection between current role and responsibilities with course objectives;
  • Official endorsement letter from organisation;
  • Academic certificates – each course has its own specific degree required;
  • Copy of valid identity card.
  • Valid English proficiency test result (prediction test result is not allowed) – each course has its own required English level;
  • Certificates indicating applicant has participated in English-speaking forum and/or international forum where English is the language spoken.

Different categories will have specific requirements. The general requirements are:

  • Being in a middle to senior position in management level;
  • Meeting the English competency of the respective Award. Endorsed by the organisation, proved by an official endorsement letter;
  • Committed to prepare and implement a development project as part of the award;
  • Committed to actively foster networks with multiple stakeholders;
  • Committed to disseminate learning from the award;

Following confirmation of eligibility, applications will be assessed. Applicants will be shortlisted based on the selection criteria. An independent selection panel will take into account the principles of merit and equity. The process aims to identify candidates most likely to succeed in studies in an Australian course and make a substantial contribution in Indonesia.

The final list of shortlisted candidates is subject to scrutiny and endorsement by the Australian and Indonesian governments. Women and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

All applicants will receive notification as to whether they have been successful.

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