Conference Participation

Conference participation will be funded for a number of awardees each year depending upon the relative numbers of awardees from Indonesia represented in each professional sector.  

Participation will either be in a cohort approach, led by a subject expert through the conference proceedings or on an individual basis.  The cohort approach groups together a maximum of 20 awardees from the same professional sector who will join a subject expert to attend the conference.  The subject expert will spend time with the awardees to provide background to the conference topics through a pre-conference workshop in addition to a wrap up of the conference and a discussion of ‘what’s next?’ through a post-conference workshop.  Conference participation on an individual basis will be offered in two funding application rounds in 2018 (March and July) to be applied for on a competitive basis.

In 2017, cohorts of awardees participated in the Australian Marine Science Association Conference in Darwin led by Fisheries and Marine Science Consultant Phil Domaschenz.  Participation in the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) Conference in Melbourne was led by Epidemiologist Dr Emma Miller and participation in the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) Conference in Melbourne was led by International Development expert Julie Klugman.

For more information on Conference Participation you can also send an email enquiry to: