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07 May 2018

The applications for Australian Alumni Grant Scheme are open!

Do you have an idea or initiative that can create a positive impact on your profession or community? It’s time to take it forward the Alumni Grant Scheme (AGS).

The applications are open!

The AGS aims to strengthen Australia-Indonesia linkages and encourage alumni to further leverage their Australian-earnt expertise to put ideas into action to create meaningful change.

The AGS offers seed funding up to AUD15,000 on a competitive basis, for initiatives that create impact in your professional field, organisation and community.

The AGS is open to all Indonesian nationals who have graduated from a recognised Australian tertiary institution, including those that self-funded their study in Australia. It is also open to alumni of short-term study or programs in Australia.

Submit your application before 28 June 2018.

Please watch the video below and visit this page to find out more about the program.

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