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11 Apr 2017

Entrepreneurship Training for People with Disability

Project Leader: Subandi Bonmat

University: The University of Sydney

Lead Organisation: Yayasan Difabel Mandiri Indonesia (YDMI)

Project Location : Banten            

Activity Type : Training, workshops, seminars    

Sector : Disability Services

Project Objectives :

  • To deliver five days of entrepreneurship training for 20 people with disability
  • To deliver 32 days of on-the-job training for 15 participants
  • To monitor the use of acquired skills
  • To evaluate the project

Project Description :

The project will deliver 5-days of training to people with disability to start their own business. The training conducted by YDMI using a  competency-based curriculum to develop specialized skills needed for the management of a micro-enterprise. The project will help participants to develop independence .

Project Beneficiaries :

The direct beneficiaries include 20 people with disability who attend the training and 15 participants who receive on-the-job training. The indirect beneficiaries include parents of children with disability and the community.

Priority Development Area : An inclusive society through effective governance               

Social Inclusion Priorities : Disability


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