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15 Sep 2017

Malaria Screening and Baseline Survey in Border Area Between Bintuni and Manokwari Selatan Districts, Papua Barat Province.

Project Leader: Russel Supit

University: The University of Melbourne

Collaborating Organisations: Dinas Kesehatan Bintuni, LNG Tangguh, Yatima Foundation

Project Location: Bintuni/Manokwari, Papua Barat

Activity Type : Community development activities

Sector :  Health services

Project Objective :

To perform screening for 2500 indigenous people in remote border area Between Bintuni and Manokwari Selatan Districts.

Project Description:

Malaria screening will be performed in door-to-door visits so every resident can be examined. All residents will be giving blood samples and blood smear preparation for laboratory examination. Children aged under 5 years will be provided with a light snack so as not to be afraid about the blood examination.

Blood samples obtained will be directly stained and examined by two laboratory analysts. The team also brings its own generator set because there is not enough electricity available in this location. If positive malaria patients are found they will be treated immediately. Slides that have not yet been read (because of time limits in the field) will be examined in the laboratory room in Bintuni.

By conducting malaria screening for all residents, all malaria-positive patients can be detected and given treatment so that they can break the chain of malaria transmission among the population. To prevent the entry of malaria into this region, malaria screening for migrants will be carried out by local health workers by conducting brief training in advance.

Free insecticidal treated nets will be distributed to families who do not have mosquito nets. The mosquito nets will be given as free of charge from the Health Office of Bintuni District and from District Manokwari Selatan.

Project Beneficiaries:

2500 residents living in the subdistrict of the Beimes and Isim who receive malaria screening. All of these people live in 18 villages.

Priority Development Area:

Human development for a productive and healthy society

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Relevant Facts:

In 2015, the malaria morbidity rate in this region was 72.3 per 1000 population; in 2016 37.4 per 1000 population, while malaria morbidity for the whole of Bintuni Regency is only 2.6 per 1000 (2016) and 2.5 per 1000 population (2015).

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