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08 May 2018

SIMPRO KTLN (Information System on Foreign Technical Cooperation Project)

Project Leader: Ms De' Norraliana Ali Gryan

University: Flinders University

Collaborating Organisations: Not Available

Project Location: Jakarta           

Activity Type : Organisational or institutional strengthening             

Sector :  Public administration, Public sector reform, Monitoring and evaluation

Project Objective :

  1. To provide an accessible, accurate, comprehensive, and interactive information system on development cooperation programs/projects to build stronger governance in order to ensure that the partnership with development partners run effectively and more importantly sustainable.

  2. To develop integrated database system on development cooperation programs/projects coordinated by the Bureau for Foreign Technical Cooperation (the Bureau).

  3. To conduct national workshop to disseminate SIMPRO KTLN.

Project Description:

SIMPRO will contain information on technical development cooperation based on location, sector, government partner, local partner, number of experts, and also amount of funding.
In addition, SIMPRO will also contain information on development partner profile which include historical background, legal basis, organisational structure, core sectors and projects implemented in Indonesia.
By building and developing SIMPRO, it is expected that integrated database will be established as a national database on development cooperation accessible for related stakeholders and public. SIMPRO will not only serve as main source to support policy formulation on development cooperation but also set a standard for a stronger sustainable governance as once hoped for in the AIMS initiation.

Project Beneficiaries:

Bureau for Foreign Technical Cooperation: Ministry of State Secretariat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, BAPPENAS, Ministry of Finance, Other ministries, Development partners, and Local organisations.

Priority Development Area:

An inclusive society through effective governance   

Links with Australia:

Not Available

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