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08 May 2018

Development and Implementation of Appropriate Technology for Salt Farmers in NTT

Project Leader: Mrs Judy Retti Witono

University: The University of New South Wales

Collaborating Organisations: Not Available

Project Location: NTT

Activity Type : Research & Development and innovation          

Sector :  Small and medium enterprise development, Economics, Water and sanitation, Aquaculture/fisheries, Natural Resource, and Rural Growth

Project Objective :

  1. To discuss and share idea about the development of the appropriate technology for salt farming from sea water with CTWW UTS in Sydney for 2 weeks.

  2. To construct a salt extractor module based on the appropriate technology that has been developed.

  3. To evaluate the performance of the salt extractor module in the field (i.e. NTT) carried out by involving 10 local salt farmers.

Project Description:

By developing an appropriate technology for producing sea salt from sea water in collaboration with CTWW UTS in Australia, it is expected that the economic and education level of people in NTT can be improved. This project will be a mutual collaboration between Australia and Indonesia. The expertise and experience from Prof. Vigneswaran, the Director of the Centre for Technologies for Water and Wastewater (CTWW) at University of Technology, Sydney, will be very useful in the development of an appropriate technology in this project. This project will be a challenging work for both CTWW team and our team here in Indonesia, i.e. tackling the problem of sea salt production from sea water, providing a solution for the local community in NTT, as well as helping them improve their living standard.

Project Beneficiaries:

10 salt farmers in Desa Oebelo and Desa Badarai will improve the salt production technology.
In the future, by our supervision, it is expected that this salt production technology can be transferred to their fellow salt farmers in NTT and other regions. Further training can also be provided so that they can also develop and improve the technology independently in the future.

Links with Australia:

Centre for Technology in Water and Wastewater Treatment (CTWW), University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

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