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08 May 2018

Smart Coconut Plantation in Pangandaran

Project Leader: Mr Parman Sukarno

University: Monash University

Collaborating Organisations: Koperasi Kelapa Pangandaran

Project Location: Jawa Barat     

Activity Type : Research & Development and innovation   

Sector :  Economics, Agriculture

Project Objective :

  1. To develop and install devices to monitor the level of nutrients in the crop and in the soil.

  2. To develop and install mobile application to determine appropriate crops for inter-crops purpose.

  3. To develop and install mobile application to monitor the age of the crops.

  4. To nurture farmers with necessary knowledge on the use of technology in improving coconut plantation productivity.

Project Description:

The project proposed smart coconut plantation plantation. The smart device would allow farmers to monitor optimum supply of nutrients in the crop and and soil. The mobile application would enable farmer to apply inter-cropping by determining the appropriate crops. Moreover, the smart application would provide farmers to keep monitoring the age of the crops for rejuvenation. Lastly, the workshop would nurture farmers with necessary knowledge about useful agriculture technology.

Project Beneficiaries:

  1. 50 local coconut farmers in Kecamatan Cijulang who can utilize the smart system.

  2. 5,000 coconut farmers in Pangandaran could install and duplicate the device.

Priority Development Area:

Economic institutions and infrastructure

Links with Australia:

Deakin University

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