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08 May 2018

Smart Practices Knowledge Sharing in Eastern Indonesia

Project Leader: Zusanna Gosal

University: Monash University

Lead Organisation: Yayasan BaKTI

Project Locations : Maluku and North Maluku     

Activity Type : Training, workshops, seminars     

Sector : Aquaculture/ Fisheries

Project Objectives:

  • To conduct smart practices knowledge sharing events for development stakeholders in Maluku and North Maluku
  • To share smart practices on fish bank-no fishing zone for fish stock regeneration in North Maluku
  • To share smart practices on marine education through floating classroom in Maluku

Project Description:

BaKTI actively promotes successful development initiatives to development stakeholders who have potential of replicating these smart practices. To date, BaKTI has verified, documented, and promoted 31 Smart Practices in eastern Indonesia. This project will allow BaKTI to conduct knowledge sharing events in Maluku and North Maluku. It will focus on the fish bank and marine education through the floating classroom smart practices Through the smart practices knowledge sharing events, development stakeholders will improve their knowledge and learn how to adopt the practices.

Project Beneficiaries:

The direct beneficiaries of the fish bank knowledge sharing event will be participants from NGOs, local government and other development stakeholders who attend the events in North Maluku. The indirect beneficiaries will be fisherfolks and community members. The direct beneficiaries of the marine education event will be participants of events in Maluku. The indirect beneficiaries will be children and community members.

Priority Development Area:

Effective economic institutions and infrastructure             

Links with Australia:

This project will help strengthen the links between Australian organisations and development stakeholders in Maluku and North Maluku.

Relevant Facts:

BaKTI’s has over 12 years of experience working with local government, NGOs, community and other development stakeholders. BaKTI has successfully implemented smart practices knowledge sharing in Tomia, Wakatobi, Raja Ampat and West Papua.

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