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08 May 2018

Tourism Governance Assessment and Development in Papua Barat

Project Leader: Marlon Arthur Huwae

University: The Australian National University

Lead Organisation: Universitas Papua

Collaborating Organisations: Tourism Department of Raja Ampat

Project Location: Papua Barat   

Activity Type: Knowledge or technology transfer             

Sector: Natural Resource Management

Project Objectives:

  • To assess and measure the tourism governance of Raja Ampat
  • To increase the capacity of the Tourism Department of Raja Ampat to assess their performance in tourism governance
  • To test the applicability of the tool being used to measure tourism governance
  • To upgrade the measurement tool as the platform and framework to design a Tourism Governance application

Project Description:

This project will support the Tourism Department of Raja Ampat. It will use a tool developed by Australian professors to measure their capacity and effectiveness in governing the tourism sector in their jurisdiction. The project will also build the capacity of officers in Tourism Department to assess tourism governance using the tool so that they can evaluate their governance performance annually. The project will evaluate the applicability and user-friendly element of the measurement tool in order to establish an appropriate platform for designing an android-based  tourism governance application. This is a long-term project to develop the first app in Indonesia about the tourism governance.

Project Beneficiaries:

The direct beneficiaries are officials in the Tourism Department of Raja Ampat. The indirect beneficiaries are the business community and the ministry of tourism.

Priority Development Area: Effective economic institutions and infrastructure 

Links with Australia:

The assessment tool for tourism governance was developed as part of the Sustainable Tourism and Regional Growth 2 short course (AAI STA) under the supervision by Prof. Noel from Griffith University and Prof. Bill from Sunshine Coast University. This project will strengthen links between Tourism Department of Raja Ampat  and these Australian universities.

Relevant Facts:

All members of the project team are AAI Short-term Awards alumni. They include the Head of Promotion and Head of Tourism Service and Infrastructure. This will increase the likelihood of sustainable results from the project.

The assessment tool might be the first tool to measure tourism governance in Indonesia.

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