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07 May 2018

Sew Good: Connecting Australian Designers and Indonesian Garment Makers

Project Leader: Shanty Mulyadi

University: Queensland University of Technology

Collaborating Organisations: Asosiasi Pengusaha Konveksi, Australia Fashion Chamber

Project Location: Jakarta and Bandung, Jawa Barat >            

Activity Type : Training, workshops and seminars              

Sector :  Education and training

Project Objective :

  • To connect Australian fashion designers with small to medium garment makers in Indonesia;
  • To empower, train and establish new business opportunities for Indonesian garment makers; and
  • To broaden the choice for Australian designers to produce in Indonesia.

Project Description:

Apps will list and connect designers and producers from both countries. The apps should be simple yet sophisticated enough to convey what the producers can offer and what the designers actually want. A certain set of standards should be met before producers can be listed in the app. In the consultation stage, the Australian designers learn how to do business with Indonesians, including an introduction to the culture, working systems and holiday seasons, and everything they need to know to get familiar.

In the training stage, Indonesian garment makers will learn Australian garment standards, sizes, expected profesionalism, timeliness and everything to meet the Australian designers’ demands.

Project Beneficiaries:

Direct Beneficiaries

  • Garment makers in Indonesia
  • Australian fashion designers
  • Design students

Priority Development Area:

Human development for a productive and healthy society

Links with Australia:

Australia Fashion Chamber

Relevant Facts:

Australian designers make samples and produce in countries further than Indonesia, such as India, Vietnam and China. In shipping alone, this is more costly and takes longer. Indonesia’s small and medium garment producers have the capacity to cater to Australian designers’ needs, but lack the opportunity and training.

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