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07 May 2018

Converting the cultural heritage and terestrial resources of Misool, Raja Ampat, into community-based tourism

Project Leader: Edi Yansyah

University: Griffith University

Collaborating Organisations: Raja Ampat Local Government

Project Location: Raja Ampat, Papua Barat      

Activity Type : Capacity building, mentoring or coaching            

Sector :  Education and training

Project Objective :

  • To develop the profile of community-based tourism in Misool;
  • To enhance the capacity of local community members involved in the project;
  • To diversify tourism destinations and provide alternatives to marine-based tourism; and
  • To encourage villagers in Misool to have their own tourism attractions and destinations.

Project Description:

The project aims to provide alternative tourism destinations and attractions based on terrestrial resources in Misool. The project will be conducted by involving community leaders and prominent youth and women’s groups. In fact, the community in Misool has good local knowledge of the natural resources in their area, but they lack the experience to make the most effective use of these for tourism. The project also aims to develop a framework for community-based tourism in Misool to ensure that the resources are effectively managed and sustainable, and the benefits from tourism activities are fairly distributed to the community. Furthermore, the project also aims to develop and enhance the capacity of the local community involved in tourism in their villages.

Project Beneficiaries:

  • Local communities from at least three villages
  • Youth and women’s groups in targeted villages

Priority Development Area:

Human development for a productive and healthy society

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Relevant Facts:

Misool has tourism attractions that have not been explored. These may include geological heritage, culture, unique wildlife biodiversity such as endemic plants and animals.

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