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Creating Income Generating Opportunities through Wheelchair Maintenance and Repair Centers Development in Central Java.

08 Oct 2018

Creating Income Generating Opportunities through Wheelchair Maintenance and Repair Centers Development in Central Java.

Project Leader: Ms. Dheni Fidiyahfika

University of Origin: Western Australia University

Collaborating Organisations: -

Project Locations : Jawa Tengah    

Activity Type : Capacity building, mentoring or coaching   

Sector : Development studies, Health services, Human resources development

Project Rationale:

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than a billion people globally have some form of disability. People with disabilities (PWDs) generally have poorer health outcomes; limited access to education, employment, and economic opportunities; and higher rates of poverty. One study conducted by the University of Indonesia in 2014 reports that households with disabilities have a poverty rate three percent higher than households without disabilities and that PWDs face significant discrimination and stigma when seeking gainful employment.

The prevalence of persons with disabilities in Central Java is higher than most provinces in Indonesia. In Central Java itself, estimated about 47.582 people with disabilities (PWD) living in this province. While there are varying estimates and statistics among different government ministries and agencies, the Social district office estimated at least one third of this number has physical impairment (such as mobility impairment).

This issue has been addressed by Central Java Government through wheelchair provision and other mobility assistive devices. With increased access to wheelchairs the number of users has grown and so has the demand for maintenance and repair, requiring expanded local capacity to provide these services. Empowering PWDs to meet this need supports economic inclusion and can also enhance the quality of service provision. Basing the wheelchair service centers in DPOs further enhances services by facilitating community building among PWDs.

Project Description:

This project goals is to create income generating opportunities for PWDs while also filling a critical service gap for wheelchair users in Central Java. By building the capacity of PWDs in clinical wheelchair services and repair as well as in administration and other topics, a cadre of technically proficient repair workers will be available to provide maintenance and repair services from wheelchair service centers established in DPOs.  Trainees are then developed into team based on their districts. At least 5 repair centers are aimed to develop in 5 districts in Central Java. Following up the capacity buildings, this project will support resources (equipment maintenance & service) and intensive monitoring and coaching.

At the end of this 6 months project, we will conduct a study to determine the feasibility of scaling up the approach to creating employment opportunities for PWDs in Central Java. Furthermore, this case will be compared with Special Region of Yogyakarta where payment of repair is supported by the provincial social and health insurance for people with disability (Jamkesus Disabilitas). The study will compare the income generating potential of reimbursements from Jamkesus Disabilitas in Yogyakarta and  for repair services with  from clients.

Project Beneficiaries:

The project might train 40 PWDs and Non PWDs in wheelchair maintenance and repair. This project also address 15 PWDs and Non PWDs  to have skill in management and administration

Priority Development Area:

Human development for a productive and healthy society          

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