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18 Apr 2019


Project Leader: Egi Dilianda

University of Origin: University of Melbourne

Collaborating Organisations: -

Project Locations : Jakarta

Activity Type : Training, workshop or seminar   

Sector : Public administration, Monitoring and evaluation

Project Rationale:

Information System on Development Cooperation Project (SIMPRO) was officially launched on 12 December 2018 by Bureau for Technical Cooperation, Ministry of the State Secretariat. More than 200 participants from line Ministries and Indonesia’s Development Partners attended the event. SIMPRO contains information on development partner profile which include historical background, legal basis, organizational structure, core sectors and projects implemented in Indonesia. Based on the evaluation during the Launching event, most of feedbacks from partners highlight the need to complete existing data on technical cooperation managed by Bureau KTLN. Thus, strengthening communication with relevant stakeholders need to be established to ensure data accuracy, transparency and accountability. This can be achieved through regular communication forum with relevant ministries to increase engagement. We expected that our partners will provide the data that is not yet available in the system and rectify the current data. Furthermore, we also expect that our partners will actively provide feedback to improve the user experiences of the SIMPRO.

Project Description:

Scalling Up SIMPRO aims to establish Communication Forum at National Levels to ensure the sustainablity of the SIMPRO KTLN. The Communication forums will be involving more than 30 Ministries and will be held on a regular basis to synchronize and update data with related ministries to ensure the quality of SIMPRO KTLN.
By Scalling up SIMPRO it is expected that the existing data will be updated and synchronized with related Ministries. Thus, SIMPRO KTLN can be more accountable and reliable for the users.

Project Beneficiaries:

Ministry of State Secretariat; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Planning Agency Bappenas; Ministry of Finance; Relevant Ministries; Development Partners; and CSO.

Priority Development Area:

An inclusive society through effective governance          

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