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Integrated Cellular Livestock Services Android Application (La Sapi Apps)

18 Apr 2019

Integrated Cellular Livestock Services Android Application (La Sapi Apps)

Project Leader: Mappamancu 

University of Origin: Master, The University of Melbourne

Collaborating Organisations: -

Project Locations : This Project will be held In Sinjai and Makassar, South Sulawesi  

Activity Type : Research & Development and innovation   

Sector : Animal husbandry, Livestock management 

Project Rationale:

  1. 40% of total 226 animal diseases that exist in the world occur in Indonesia. The incidence of Animal diseases is very high. However, Indonesia does not have a public service veterinarian data base that can be easily acces by public in the presence of animal diseses.
  2. Indonesia does not have a proper data and documentation of animal disease incidence. As a result, planning in controling endemic and epidemic diseases does not adequate and appropriate
  3. Farmers face a problem in finding a proper price for selling their livestock. This is because the limitation of farmers in offering their livestock to a more wide consumers. As a result, their livestock solely sell to local capital owners/local slaughterman/local livestock trader that will buy the livestock in a cheap price.

Project Description:

  1. La Sapi Apps contains address and Cellular Number of Government Public Service Veterinarians (Animal Health Centre) in 514 Regents In Indonesia. Farmers or Public can directly acces and contact Veterinarians in their region via this application in terms they need information in Livestock Management and Animal Health Services.
  2. La Sapi Apps supports maps and photos and can record all disease reported by public/farmers based on location and can collect photos of the animal/Livestock suffer from diseases. In addition, This information can be shared to all veterinarian in the region as an early warning system.
  3. La Sapi Apps gives an opportunity to farmers and livestock traders in 514 Regents in Indonesia to advertise their buy and sell of livestock. This will open a more wide opportunity to the farmer to get a proper price because there are more buyers for their livestock.

Project Beneficiaries:

Livestock Farmers, Livestock Trader and Veterinarians in 514 Regent in Indonesia who Download and Utilize La Sapi Application

Priority Development Area:

Economic institutions and infrastructure          

Links with Australia:


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