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Towards sustainable coffee production in Kurima and Tangma District, Yahukimo Regency Papua Province

04 Dec 2019

Towards sustainable coffee production in Kurima and Tangma District, Yahukimo Regency Papua Province

Project leader: Mrs. Lucia Runggeari

Level of education and university: Master, James Cook University

Collaborating Organisations: Kantor Pertanian (Agricultural Office) at Yahukimo Regency

Project Location: Kurima, Papua

Activity Type: Training, workshop or seminar

Sector: Agriculture, economics

Project Rationale:

Sustainable of coffee production plays an important role in the socio-economic of the country and also sustainable of coffee production requires the protection of ecosystem. Coffee in Papua consist of two species namely Robusta (Coffea canephora Pierrre ex A. Froehner) and Arabica (Coffea arabica L.). The coffee farmers in several places in Highland Papua plant and sell Arabica coffee (C arabica L.), including in Yahukimo regency. District Kurima and Tangma are located in Yahukimo regency. Located in Highland Papua Yahukimo regency, Kurima and Tangma lies at altitude between 1,700 to 2,400 meters above sea level (masl) which become ideal condition for Arabica production. The cultivation pattern carried out by local coffee farmers is a subsystem pattern, which is still cultivated on a small scale to meet daily needs and still be intercropped with other crops. Sustainable of coffee production depend on local farmers knowledge and links, however the farmers in Papua still lack of knowledge to improve coffee quality and quantity. Moreover, the coffee sector has facing several challenges, including:

  1. Low productivity: the average yield is less than 1000kg/month in both areas Kurima and Tangma while the demand of Arabica coffee increases significantly in Jayapura and other places
  2. Low profitability for small-scale coffee growers.
  3. Weak of local farmers’ organization and government sector to boost coffee production in both areas
  4. Limited knowledge in marketing beans and inadequate information of link and partner to sell beans.

Project Beneficiaries:

50 Local farmers from Kurima District and 50 local farmers from Tangma District

Priority Development Area:

Economic institutions and infrastructure

Link with Australian organisation: -

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