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Phytochemical studies of traditional medicinal plants from Kurudu Island

04 Dec 2019

Phytochemical studies of traditional medicinal plants from Kurudu Island

Project leader: Ms. Tisha Rumbewas

Level of education and university: Master, University of Wollongong

Collaborating Organisations: The Chemistry Department of the Cendrawasih University, Jayapura, Papua

Project Location: Kurudu, Papua

Activity Type: Academic research and research-related activities

Sector: Natural resource management

Project Rationale:

My previous AGS project on identifying traditional medicinal plants in Kurudu Island successfully discovered fifteen medicinal plants commonly used by the Kurudu people to treat ailments. The outcome of this project was a book entitled Traditional Medicinal Plants On Kurudu Island. This project successfully achieved one of the project's main aims- to document and preserve Kurudu's traditional medicinal knowledge.

However, the book is yet to provide information about the medicinal properties of the native plants. This is needed to further influence indigenous people about the importance of preserving traditional medicinal knowledge and nature, and that their traditional medicinal knowledge plays an important role in the development of medicines around the world.

Moreover, with the rising number of Multi-Drug Resistance (MDR) cases against the antibiotic, antimalarial, and anticancer drugs that the world has nowadays, developing alternative medicines has become more important than ever. One of the means to answer to this growing concern is by exploring traditional medicinal knowledge and studying native plants.

This follow-on project is needed to study the phytochemical properties and medical potentials of the traditional medicinal plants in Kurudu Island. The results of this research will showcase the potentials of Kurudu's native plants to be developed further for pharmaceutical purposes. In addition, through this research, the native people will be further influenced to preserve nature and their traditional medicinal knowledge.

Project Beneficiaries:

  • The indigenous people of Kurudu who will be informed about the results of this research to further encourage them to preserve their traditional medicinal knowledge and nature.
  • Organic chemistry researchers, especially the ones in the area of natural product chemistry, working for the participating institutions: the Chemistry Department of Cendrawasih University, Papua and the School of Chemistry of the University of Wollongong, Australia.

Priority Development Area:

Economic institutions and infrastructure

Link with Australian organisation

University of Wollongong

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