Coping with Stress when Studying in Australia

02 Apr 2020

Coping with Stress when Studying in Australia

Australia Awards scholars from the Pre-departure Training (PDT) groups in Bali and Jakarta recently participated in the Stress Management workshop held by Australia Awards in Indonesia in late February 2020.  Facilitated by an Australia Awards alumna Ms Josephine Ratna MPsych, PhD, MAPS, the workshop aimed to help improve scholars’ academic performance during the PDT by identifying and managing stress, removing stigma associated with mental health issues, and in the long run, minimising cases of undetected mental health cases resulting to low completion rate. By participating in the workshop, scholars will also be able to locate and access resources available for managing stress and other personal welfare issues when they study in Australia.

Watch this short video to get tips on how to identify causes of stress and to manage it:

Check out a full-video of the workshop here:

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