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The Australia Awards are prestigious, transformational scholarships and short courses offered to emerging leaders for study, research and professional development in Australia

ILLA (Indonesian Language Learning Ambassador)

The first iteration of the Indonesian Language Learning Ambassadors (ILLA) program ran between 2017 and 2019 (put on hold due to the impacts of COVID-19).

Following Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s visit to Australia in July 2023, it was jointly announced with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese that the ILLA program would recommence in Australian primary and secondary schools.

Australia Awards in Indonesia is proud to be developing and implementing the re-launched Indonesian Language Learning Ambassadors program from early 2024.

The Australia Awards is a prestigious and transformational scholarship program funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for emerging leaders from developing countries.

Australia Awards Scholarship recipients involved in ILLA are living in Australia and studying a Master or PhD program in a range of disciplines at an Australian university. The scholarship recipients come from diverse backgrounds, with teachers well-represented among them.

At any given time, there are over 300 Indonesian Australia Awards scholars in Australia.

When they complete their program, scholars return to Indonesia to use their knowledge, skills, and experience to contribute to Indonesia’s development, prosperity, and resilience.


ILLA matches participating Australian schools and universities  with an Indonesian Australia Awards scholar – the ‘Ambassador’.

The ILLA program provides Australia Awards scholars from Indonesia with an opportunity to directly engage with Australian schools or universities – teachers or lectures and students – and learn first-hand about Australian culture, community, and classroom teaching practices. It also enables Ambassadors to share their skills and knowledge of the Indonesian language, culture, and customs and establish local Australian community connections.

Australian schools and universities engaged in the program will benefit from a passionate and engaged Indonesian Australia Awards scholar willing to share their language, knowledge, cultural perspective, and enthusiasm about Indonesia. School and university students involved with the program will improve their knowledge and understanding of Indonesia through direct experiences with an Ambassador.


For schools: ILLA offers a simple and effective way to engage and advance students’ Indonesian language skills and conversation proficiency, as well as an enhanced awareness of Indonesia. A positive experience will have benefits extending far beyond the classroom, creating a cohort of culturally-inclusive students as well as stimulate interest in learning Indonesian.

For Universities: ILLA offers interaction with Indonesians as native speakers with diverse accents, enriching the linguistic experience for students and exposing them to contemporary and real-world context through enriched class content. It also increases the opportunity to foster cross-cultural understanding, friendships, strengthening and building linkages with Indonesia’s current and future change agents. 

Depending on the background, skills, experience, and passions of the Ambassador and the interests or priorities of the school or universities, this may encompass history, politics, culture, food, dance, music, customs, sport, art, and Q&A sessions – the list goes on! An ILLA Ambassador will provide a different perspective, enthusiasm, energy, and be able to share their experiences as a true global citizen.

For Ambassadors: ILLA provides a great opportunity to engage in a meaningful way with a broad-cross section of the Australian population as reflected in each school or university community.

They will gain real-life experience in an Australian classroom, working alongside an experienced educator. They will have the opportunity to practice public speaking and presentation skills and share their passions and their own experiences in Australia.

Both the professional experience in the classroom and the interactions with the school or university community –  teachers or lecturers and students – will provide invaluable insight about Australian culture, memories that will last a lifetime, as well as skills which will better equip them for their future career.


There is no cost to schools and universities to participate in the ILLA program.

This is a voluntary program that is intended to grow network, build confidence, particularly in professional setting and increase awareness of Australian culture and community.

Limited financial support required for ILLA activities is provided according to AAI guideline.


The current ILLA for schools and pilot for universities application can be access here.

ILLA is intended for Australian government scholarship recipients from Indonesia who:

  • Currently study in Australia
  • Passionate about cross-cultural exchanges, community, and classroom teaching practices
  • Able to provide a different perspective, enthusiasm, energy and share your experience as a true global citizen.


ILLA program commenced with a targeted pilot in the first quarter of 2024, followed by a broader roll-out throughout 2024 (and beyond!).

The standard process is:

Ambassadors are supported by Australia Awards in Indonesia before and during their engagement, including by:

  • Matching students with an Australian school or university.
  • Assisting with obtaining the relevant mandatory working with children/vulnerable people checks, as well as any requirements of the school or university.
  • Conducting an orientation session for all Ambassadors prior to commencement, setting expectations, providing guidelines, practical advice, and possible activities to be discussed with the school or university.
  • Providing a point of contact during the period of engagement with the ILLA program.

Schools or Universities are supported by Australia Awards in Indonesia before and during the engagement, including by:

  • Matching schools or universities with an Indonesian recipient of the Australia Awards Scholarship program.
  • Ensuring Ambassadors complete all mandatory checks and provide all required information to schools or universities.
  • Providing an information pack prior to commencement of an Ambassador, including all necessary documentation.
  • Providing a point of contact during the period of engagement with the ILLA program.


It is important to remember that Ambassadors are studying a Master or PhD full-time and may also have other commitments (part-time work or caring responsibilities).

We encourage flexibility to ensure that the preferences of both schools or universities and Ambassadors can be realised. During the expression of interest process (EOI), there is an opportunity to indicate preferences.

Final details will be discussed and negotiated between the school or university and the Ambassador, facilitated by the Australia Awards in Indonesia team.

Flexibility is key!

Regular visits (i.e. weekly) will generally result in deeper engagement and more sustainable outcomes. However, that doesn’t preclude shorter, more intensive engagement (i.e. 3-4 intensive days) if it suits both parties. For example, intensive periods of engagement may be more suitable for schools or universities in regional areas, as Ambassadors are more likely to need to travel significant distances from their home location.


A broad range of activities is possible, depending on the year level and language abilities of the school or university students and the interests and background of the Ambassador.

Key objectives of the ILLA program are to:

  1. Engage and inspire students in Australian schools or universities with authentic experiences of contemporary Indonesian people, cultures, language and stories, and learning resources, and
  2. Provide students in Australian schools or universities with the opportunity to engage with a native Indonesian speaker.

Some ideas include:

  • Primary school: arts, crafts, games, dance, song-based activities, sharing stories of Indonesian life, cultural holidays, and food.
  • Secondary school: sharing cultural activities and stories, photographs and videos of daily life in Indonesia, with an increased focus on language as students’ abilities get more advanced.
  • Senior secondary school: providing Year 11 and 12 students with opportunities to prepare for and practice for oral exams according to pre-determined topics of conversation.
  • Universities: engage with other relevant academic disciplines, bringing the Indonesian perspective to student undertaking programs in international relations, politics, psychology, allied health or other disciplines through guest lectures, buddy mentor or other activities.

These are some suggestions, but please do talk to our team if you have other ideas – we would love to hear them!

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