Sesar Lembang Virtual Expedition Vol. 4

Join the "Sesar Lembang Virtual Expedition Vol. 4", a collaboration between Wanderlust Indonesia, InaGeo Foundation, U-Inspire, Karang Taruna Desa Jayagiri, Decorum Group Australia – which is supported and funded by the Australian Alumni Grant Scheme.

This virtual expedition will be held on Saturday, 10 October 2020, at 01.00 PM - 03.00 PM WIB through Zoom.

The expedition route will be a virtual walk and learning about the "Sesar Lembang" with the experts from Sagpond Graha Puspa, to Cimeta River, then to Tanah Trampoline, and will be continued with a virtual-practice-from-home session, about disaster preparedness education.

Register here.

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