DIKSI Webinar by PPI Australia and PPIA Western Australia: Challenges and Access to COVID-19 Vaccination in Indonesia

Are you curious about the COVID-19 vaccine purchased by the Indonesian government? Do you want to know who are the priorities for vaccination? Join the second series of DIKSI (Diskusi Kekinian Seputar Indonesia) – a webinar organised by PPI Australia and PPIA Western Australia, on Tuesday, 1 December 2020 at 08.00 PM AEDT / 04:00 WIB!

Featuring Dr Pandu Riono (Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Public Health University of Indonesia) and OzAlum Prof Dr Herawati Sudoyo (Deputy for Fundamental Research Eijkman Institute) as the speakers, this virtual event is supported by Millennials House, ISMKI, InspiraTalk.ID, Scholars, Indonesia Mobile, and Education Webinar.

The webinar will be held through these platforms:

  • YouTube Live: PPI Australia Official
  • Zoom: s.id/zoomdiksippia2, Meeting ID: 82168639206

To get an e-ceritifcate, please register here.

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