Australia Awards in Indonesia

The Australia Awards are prestigious, transformational scholarships and short courses offered to emerging leaders for study, research and professional development in Australia

AAI Grants FAQ

The AAI Grant FAQ offers quick answers to common questions about the grant program.

The three distinct grants are targeted at alumni, current Masters scholars, and current PhD scholars respectively. Additional details on eligibility for each grant are as follows:

1.   Australian Alumni Grants (AAG)

AAG is for all Indonesian nationals who have participated in Australian government-hosted programs, graduated from an Australian tertiary institution, or completed a short-term tertiary course through the Australian Government Scholarship or other scholarship programs and funding schemes.

This includes, but it is not limited to the alumni Australia Indonesia Muslim Exchange Program, Bridge Project, Australian Indonesia Youth Exchange Program, ELTA Program, visiting journalist programs, Colombo Plan Program, Australian Defence Program, Australian DIBC Program, and Australian Endeavour Scholarship recipients.

2.   Alison Sudradjat Prize (ASP)

ASP is a grant for Australia Awards in Indonesia Masters scholars currently studying in Australia.

3.   Hadi Soesastro Prize (HSP)

The HSP is a grant for Australia Awards in Indonesia PhD scholars currently studying in Australia.

Grants are for discrete activities, not complex projects with multiple inputs. Activities are specific tasks that will have an immediate impact on specific outcomes, as opposed to projects which are comprehensive initiatives with coordinated, sustained efforts.

Eligible activities include:

  • Delivering or attending training, workshops and seminars.
  • Personal or professional development courses.
  •  Activities that form part of AAI short course award projects.
  • Capacity building, mentoring, or coaching.
  • Academic research and research-related activities.
  • R&D and innovation.
  • Knowledge and technology transfer.
  • Professional networking events and programs.
  • Public awareness campaigns.
  • Organisational or institutional strengthening.
  • Community development activities.

Grants will not be awarded for the following:

  • To meet recurrent cost such as office rental, salaries, vehicle running expenses, office supplies, transportation cost or vehicle running expenses and electricity bills.
  • Standard office equipment such as computer, photocopier, camera and mobile phones, etc. Only equipment specifically required for implementing activities will be considered.
  • Participation at an activity for which applicants already receive funding from the Government of Australia, or other parties.
  • Any personal items not relevant to the implementation of the grant activity.
  • Repayment of loans or unacquitted amounts from previous grants.
  • Activities for which the expense was incurred prior to the grant application.
  • Purchase of fixed asset as such of property, land, buildings, and major assets, such as vehicles.
  • Construction of buildings or other structures.
  •  Activities contrary to the interest of Australia or AAI.
  • Activities which are the responsibility of other funding bodies or other government agencies.
  • Activities which discriminate against any group, or which promote a particular political or religious viewpoint.
  • Seed funding such as venture/start-up capital or the establishment koperasi license or registration fees such as: ISBN, PIRT, HAKI, HKI, BPOM, Halal Certificate, etc.

AAI will open application windows periodically throughout each calendar year. Each window will be open for approximately two weeks and publicised through the Global Alumni and AAI websites and social media platforms to attract a range of applicants from across the alumni network.

You will need to submit an application through link below:

To apply for a grant, you will need to fill out the online application form . Applications should address how the proposed grant activity will contribute to one of the five AAI change pathways. This can be done in writing on the form or through a short video (no longer than three minutes).

You will be asked to provide:  

  • the name of the activities
  • the indicative budget and schedule of activities.
  • a brief description of the activities (specific tasks that will have an immediate impact on specific outcomes);
  • how the activities will contribute to one of the five AAI change pathways;
  • how the activities will leverage third party support contribution or support;.
  • the involvement the Australian Embassy or Consulates-General in Indonesia or other DFAT-funded programs;
  • what milestone will signify the completion of your activity;
  • the potential to leads to expansion of the Australia alumni network in Indonesia;
  • the potential risks to the activities and how these will be managed;
  • how the activities will be publicised and promoted.

You can find guidelines on preparing grant proposals and budgets in the Grant Guidelines. You will need to submit your applications in English and make sure that your budget is calculated in AUD as the currency refer to the following exchange rate 1 AUD = IDR 10.300,-

The AAI Grant Assessment Committee will undertake merit-based assessment of eligible applications. The assessment will consider the merit of the proposed grant funded activities using the following criteria:

  • Contributes to one or more of AAI’s change pathways.
  • Identifies a clear timeframe and specific endpoint.
  • Involves a minimal number of payments or transactions.
  • Leverages third-party contributions or support.
  • Involves the Australian Embassy or Consulates-General in Indonesia or other DFAT-funded programs.
  • Constitutes an activity that forms part of an AAI short course award project.
  • Generates continuity from previous grants.
  • Has the potential to generate positive social media buzz.
  • Leads to expansion of the alumni network.
  • Does not create unacceptable risks for the grantee, AAI, DFAT or the Government of Indonesia

If you think your activities will be delayed, you should advise the Australia Awards Indonesia team in writing. 

You can only use grant funds to carry out the activities for which the grant has been awarded. If you want to make any changes to the nature of the activity, you must have prior approval from Australia Awards in Indonesia.

Grants to successful applicants will be documented through a simple exchange of emails to confirm grantee acknowledgement and acceptance of these teams and conditions. Grant funds cannot be disbursed without this exchange of emails or text messages.

Grants will cover the actual costs for your proposed activities. AAI can disburse the funds using any of the following:

  • As an advance paid by bank transfer to the grantee, to be acquitted based on actual costs following the end of the activity.
  • As reimbursement for approved activity expenses paid up front by the grantee.
  • As transfer direct to service providers for approved activity costs.

We can only provide additional funding for an activity through a new window of grants. You will need to apply for a new activity proposal during one of the advertised rounds and provide us with evidence that your activity is completed, including proof of effort in promoting the previous activity and the AAI brand through social media.

For funds disbursed through cash advances must be acquitted using the AAI financial acquittal mechanism. Grantees with unacquitted advances will be ineligible to take part in any future AAI alumni activities including grant offerings.

Unspent portions of advances will need to be refunded to AAI. Reimbursements and payments direct to service providers will be based on actual costs.

If you are not able to complete the activities, we will ask you to return all or part of the grant funds. We will work out how much of the funds you need to return based on whether there were any circumstances outside of your control and how much of the activity was already completed.

You should acknowledge Australian funding in the activities you carry out as part of your project and in any publicity. We encourage you to promote your activities in traditional and online media. We encourage that you seek our advice prior to any publicity. We will provide you with further information about branding and publicity in the Grant Orientation workshop.

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