Coming Soon: OzAlum Podcast Episode 6

11 Aug 2021

Coming Soon: OzAlum Podcast Episode 6

Join us next week for the sixth episode of OzAlum Podcast featuring Retno Dewati and Rorian Pratyaksa, a successful global investment specialist and experienced start-up leader, who have successfully built their career and business from scratch at a very young age. As honourees of Forbes 30 under 30, they credit to the role of past failures in their entrepreneurial journey. Retno says that being adaptive and agile in business are techniques that many entrepreneurs are adopting in today’s market. Rorian adds that in today’s world creating a network of contacts with people who have interests similar to yours is equally essential, in order to learn, exchange and discover business opportunities that can enhance your work profile.

Give it a listen to our OzAlum Podcast for more tips for entrepreneurial success from our alumni guests and leave a rating and review. The podcast is available on SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsYouTube, and OzAlum website.

If you know any outstanding Indonesian alumni who have made exceptional contributions to their society and profession, make your nomination for the 2021 Australian Alumni Awards by 23 September. More info, click here.

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