02 Dec 2021

Applications Open for the Split-Site Master's Scholarship Program for ASN and Non-ASN in West Papua

Calling all state civil apparatus (ASN) and non-state civil apparatus (non-ASN) working in West Papua province! If you are keen to learn Biology/Geography and Global Development, and interested to pursue higher education in both Australia and Indonesia, this is a terrific opportunity for you!

Apply now for the Split-Site Master's Scholarship Program, delivered to you by the Provincial Government of West Papua, in collaboration with Australia Awards in Indonesia, the University of Indonesia, and Griffith University, for the academic year of 2022-2024.

This scholarship program consists of 1 year of study at the University of Indonesia, and 1 year of study at Griffith University, Australia. At the end of study, you will get two degrees, which are Magister Biologi/Geografi and Master of Global Development.

More information on the scholarship’s procedures, requirements and timeline is available here – and read here to get general information about the Split-Site Master's Scholarship Program.

Register yourself before 10 January 2022 at this link!

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