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OzAlum Podcast Eps #12: What Does It Take to be a Leader & Change Maker for the Modern-Day Kartini?

11 May 2022

OzAlum Podcast Eps #12: What Does It Take to be a Leader & Change Maker for the Modern-Day Kartini?

If Indonesia’s feminist icon Kartini was alive today, what would she make of women’s progress? Women politicians are leading nations, and women scientists are exploring the frontiers of outer space. But not all women have the same opportunity to become change makers. Many constantly struggle to overcome inequality and discrimination due to limited access, physical condition, socioeconomic status, geography and culture that they face in everyday lives.

In this twelfth episode, OzAlum and modern-day Kartini Astrid Saraswati Vasile, CEO and Co-Founder of VASILE Build and GV Constructions (WA) and Suraiya Kamaruzzaman, human rights activist and lecturer at Syiah Kuala University, discuss what it takes to be a woman leader and make a difference in the community. They ask, how can we collaborate to eliminate multi-layered discrimination against women?

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