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09 Jan 2024

Join Our Lecture on “Experiential and Integrated Learning Environments in Architecture and Planning: The Perth Urban Research Lab"

Have you ever wondered about innovative approaches to Architectural and Urban Design education? Join us for a captivating online lecture by Professor Francesco Mancini, Deputy Head of the School of Design and the Built Environment at Curtin University, on Wednesday, 31 January 2024, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm Jakarta time.

Explore "Experiential and Integrated Learning Environments in Architecture and Planning: The Perth Urban Research Lab". This groundbreaking project challenges the conventional 24/7 design studio teaching approach, offering a unique perspective on Architectural/Urban Design and Planning.

The initiative, launched in 2019, draws inspiration from Dewey and Kolb’s experiential learning theories. Collaborating with experts like Justin Owen, Francesca Perugia, and Parisa Izadpanahi, the project expands its application to Complex Buildings Studio and Integrated Plan-Making units.

Academics from Urban Design, Architecture, Planning, and Sustainability collaborate with industry representatives, local and State Governments, and the Indigenous Community. Together, they co-design briefs around current real urban research problems, considering planning policies, codes, standards, and professional accreditation competencies.

Esteemed partners like Hassell, Element WA, COX, ARUP, GAWA, DPLH, and CUSP actively participate throughout the studio delivery. Rooted in experiential and collaborative learning within a digitally integrated environment, this approach replicates real practice scenarios. The Project team's dedication has been recognised with a Faculty teaching award in 2019 and a University teaching award in 2021.

Calling all Australian tertiary institution graduates and scholars from Indonesia! Seize this opportunity to learn about experiential and integrated learning environments. Register through this link before Monday, 29 January, to secure your spot! Participate and receive an e-certificate as a token of appreciation.

Interested in more details? Click here to explore additional information about the lecture and our distinguished speaker.

Let's embark on this knowledge journey together! Your meaningful engagement is eagerly awaited.

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