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24 Jan 2024

Join Our Lecture on “Waste to Resilience: Navigating Sustainability through Resource Recovery and Structural Resilience”

Ever pondered the transformative potential of waste in achieving sustainability? Join us for an engaging online lecture featuring Dr Massoud Sofi, Maharti Triharta, and Dr Elisa Lumantarna, as they delve into "Waste to Resilience: Navigating Sustainability through Resource Recovery and Structural Resilience" on Friday, 2 February 2024.

This enlightening session will explore the intricate connections between waste management, resource recovery, and structural resilience, crucial components in the pursuit of sustainability. Gain a holistic understanding of various waste streams, their environmental impacts, and ongoing initiatives for effective waste management. Witness innovative examples of upcycling diverse waste products into valuable materials essential for the construction industry, with a keen focus on ensuring the safety and resilience of structures using these "new materials."

The lecture will not only unravel the complexities of waste transformation but also shine a spotlight on the educational and research initiatives of the University of Melbourne (UoM) in the realm of sustainability. Discover the University of Melbourne's Centre of Recovered Resources (CORR), a dynamic hub for industry-led research aiming to revolutionise the upcycling of decommissioned energy and mining infrastructure. The emphasis extends beyond technical aspects, including economic, environmental, and social sustainability factors.

This event is an opportunity for Australian tertiary institution graduates and scholars from Indonesia to deepen their knowledge. Secure your spot by registering before Wednesday, 31 January, using this link. Participants will receive an e-certificate as a token of appreciation.

Curious for more details? Click here to explore additional information about the lecture and our distinguished speakers.

Let's embark on this intellectual journey together! Your thoughtful engagement is eagerly anticipated.

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