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09 Apr 2024

OzAlum Podcast Eps #20: What It's Like to Study and Live in Australia, a Multicultural Country?"

In the latest episode of the OzAlum Podcast, we bring you Dr Ahmad Agus Setiawan, Energy Expert Staff at the Office of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, also an #OzAlum with PhD in Renewable Energy and Power Systems. Teaming up with our host Raissa Almira, they delve into the intriguing topic: "What It's Like to Study and Live in Australia, a Multicultural Country?"

In this captivating discussion, Dr Agus shares his experiences studying and living in Australia, a melting pot of cultures. He vividly describes his initial impressions upon arriving, navigating the challenges of culture shock and adapting to the academic environment. You'll also hear about his journey of relocating his family to Australia and how they embraced the diversity. But that's not all; Dr Agus also offers his insights into how studying in Australia has positively influenced his career trajectory back in Indonesia.

For those eager to explore the Australian study experience and conquer cultural differences, this episode is a goldmine of insights. Tune in to gain firsthand wisdom from an expert and invaluable advice for aspiring scholars aiming to secure scholarships in Australia. Don't miss this opportunity to be inspired and guided by someone who has traversed the enriching tapestry of diversity in one of the world's most multicultural societies. Tune in to gain firsthand tips and strategies for the scholarship journey, available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, YouTube, and the OzAlum website.

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