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20 Mar 2017

Alumni Grant Scheme Recipients Announced!

Winners of the latest Alumni Grant Scheme round were announced at the Alumni Gala Dinner on Saturday 18 March. Twenty-five projects were selected from over 260 entries (please see list below).

The Alumni Grant Scheme (AGS) aims to strengthen Australia-Indonesia linkages and encourage alumni to further leverage their Australian-earnt expertise to put ideas into action to create meaningful change. It is available for all Australian alumni – it is not just limited to Australia Awards alumni. It allows individuals or groups of alumni to access grant funding to enhance Indonesia’s development and build strong and positive relationships with Australia. The scheme offers seed funding, on a competitive basis, for initiatives that create impact in an alumnus’ professional field, organisation and community. It aims to contribute to capacity building, knowledge sharing and development activities among the large base of Australian alumni here in Indonesia.

Successful grantees have been awarded up to AUD15,000 respectively to implement their projects. Many of the projects proposed include co-financing from other organisations as well as linkages to Australian institutions, and strong commitments to support gender equality and women’s empowerment and improve quality of life for people with a disability. We were pleased to receive a broad range of project proposals selected, which cut across various sectors and are to be implemented all over Indonesia.

The next AGS round will open in April 2017, and please visit here to find out more about the program.

List of Alumni Grant Scheme Winners.


Lead Individual

Project Name


Ermi Ndoen

Capacity building for Change in NTT through Sharing Research Knowledge


Dhimas Utomo

Developing Course Modules for Creative Farm-preneurship in Indonesia


Lily Yulianti Farid

Enhancing Indonesia’s Soft-power Diplomacy through Journalism


FX Andy Sutrisno

Making a Short Film to build Public Awareness to boost tolerance in Indonesia


I Gede Wahyu Wicaksana

Strengthening Australia-Indonesia Maritime Economic Cooperation


Laurensi Sasube

Nutrition Training for Mothers of Children at Risk of Malnutrition on Gangga Island


Zusanna Gosal

Smart Practices Knowledge Sharing in Eastern Indonesia


Mokhamad Iksan

Improving Primary Education Quality through School and Madrasah Consortium


Ardi Putra Baramuli

KAMU BISA: A Child's Right To Play - Providing Disadvantaged Children the Opportunity to Experience Sports Play


Sandra Frans

Sexual Reproductive Health Peer Educators for Adolescents in NTT


Yanty Melianty

Female Foodpreneur E-Commerce Website


Rina Rosdiani Patria

Education for Children of Migrant Workers in Lombok Timur, NTB


G. Billy Mambrasar

From Vocational Students to Entrepreneurs in Aceh and Papua Barat


Muhammad Nur Rizal

Improving Learning Environments in Indonesian Schools


Nur Asyik Hidayatullah

Monitoring Application for Volcano Gas


Subandi Bonmat

Entrepreneurship Training for People with a Disability


Aqmarina Andira

Festival Cerita Jakarta (Jakarta Story Festival)


Daniel Bona

Mapping the Cendrawasih Bay National Marine Park


Margareta Teli

Developing Nursing Care Plans in Nusa Tenggara Timur


Marlon Arthur Huwae

Tourism Governance Assessment and Development  in Papua Barat


Jensi Sartin

Saving the Komodo National Park through a Waste Cooperative


Rosita Tandos

Improving Community Economic Development in West Java


Faruq Ibnul Haqi

Bambooland Social Enterprise: Maximizing the Role of Rural Communities towards Sustainable Economic Growth


Sylvia Yazid

Economic and Social Empowerment of Women Domestic Violence Survivors



Rehabilitating the Outer Reef Island of Bengkulu through Mangrove Planting


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