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05 May 2017

AAI On Award Enrichment focuses on NSW Government Infrastructure

The second of the NSW Government AAI Seminar Series in April 2017 focused on the Government’s infrastructure investment program.  Speakers included Andrew Glenis (Infrastructure NSW), on strategic planning, priorities and the project life cycle and Peter Gemell (Roads and Maritime Services) on the delivery of the multi-billion dollar WestConnex project.  In the afternoon, the awardees participated in a site visit which included inspection of the M4 East Project which started in 2016 and is due for completion in 2019

Awardees from Macquarie University, University of NSW and Western Sydney University.  One of the participants, PhD in Environmental Science awardee Titih Titisari Danielani from Western Sydney University thought ‘it was amazing to know how this megaproject is managed in the field to minimise disturbance to the surrounding environment and accepted by the local community’.

The NSW Government is working in conjunction with AAI to deliver a series of seminars in 2017 to awardees in NSW.  Similar programs also exist with the State Governments of Western Australia and Victoria providing great insights into the workings of state government and offering unique professional networking opportunities.

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