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22 Mar 2017

Café launch 2017 @ the Australian National University

Australian counterparts and AAI students gather at ANU for the launch of CAFÉ 2017

Australia Awards in Indonesia (AAI) students and their Australian program counterparts gathered at ANU to participate in the launch of CAFÉ (Connecting, Association, Friendship and Exchange) 2017 in Canberra.  Now in its third year the program now has more than 150 participants who have signed up for 2017.  CAFÉ matches an Australian counterpart with an AAI student and over a twelve month period meet in a variety of settings to get to know each other professionally and personally.  The program suggests a number of activities including meeting over a coffee, at a cultural or sporting event or at the workplace of the Australian volunteer.  Previous CAFÉ participants have spoken of the importance of this program in enhancing both professional and personal linkages.

CAFÉ is offered as part of AAI On Award Enrichment.  More information can be found on the Australia Awards in Indonesia website.

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