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29 Mar 2018

Renewable Energy Knowledge Dissemination to Elementary School Students in East Sumba

Project Leader: Mr Dedy Haning

University: Queensland University of Technology

Collaborating Organisations: Hivos Southeast Asia

Project Location: NTT   

Activity Type : Capacity building, mentoring or coaching             

Sector :  Climate Change, and Education and training

Project Objective :

To disseminate renewable energy knowledge to at least 120 elementary students (grade 5 and 6) in two schools in East Sumba, NTT

Project Description:

Through this project, applicant will design card games contains information on Renewable Energy, tailored to the children interests with attractive and colorful illustrations. Teaming up with a local operational and maintenance company, known as RESCO Sumba Terang, run two dissemination events at two local schools in East Sumba. The tools are also designed in a way that can be used by teacher as a teaching materials. With this attractive information medium, applicant expect increase of knowledge in RE among students, which leads them to become a knowledge pioneer in their community.

Project Beneficiaries:

120 elementary students (grade 5 and 6) and at least 12 teachers in new teaching materials in two schools in East Sumba

Priority Development Area:

Economic institutions and infrastructure

Links with Australia:

Not Available


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