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03 Apr 2018

Training of Regeneration of Metal Craftsmen and Product Diversification in Malang

Project Leader: Mr Faishal Arifin

University: Griffith University

Collaborating Organisations: Not Available

Project Location: Malang            

Activity Type : Training, workshop or seminar            

Sector :  Trade, small and medium enterprise development, economics, rural growth

Project Objective :

To re-empower the metal craftsmen by various trainings of metal making processes, so they can produce more products. This includes the training of; metal chisel, jewelry crafts, electroforming, and electroplating.

Project Description:

This project will invite people to pursue the metal craft by providing kinds of craft field training. A handicraft with other field related to get good quality products and produce a lot of products or mass. So when getting many product orders can be met by collaborating in one area.

There will be 4 areas of metal craft that conducted training, including:

  1. The metal training will produce accessories made of copper, brass, and bras

  2. Jewelry handicraft training will produce silver and gold jewelry which combined with various kinds of natural stone

  3. Electroforming product training that produced are accessories and gift to print if would like to make a lot of products

  4. Electroplating training will be able to produce the product through a chrome spray process for plastics, nickel chrome on a small scale, and plating jewelry.

By all types of training that will produce the craft products that carrying capacity of tourism in Batu city and tourist attractions located in surrounding areas including the tourist attractions that are developing in the area Pujon itself. The products will be sale to tourist object as typical souvenirs of Malang, so that from the sale of craft, the community as craftsmen will get advantages’ sale of various handicrafts made and earning sources. As the legality of the sale our products will collaborate with Batu tourism city office and Malang.

Project Beneficiaries:

  1. Trained representatives of 30 heads block and 10 village administrators

  2. Small groups of village citizens who will benefit from the trained representatives

Priority Development Area:

Human development for a productive and healthy society 

Links with Australia:

Griffith University


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