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08 May 2017

NSW Renewable Energy Projects and a tour through Barangaroo

The third session in the NSW Government Australia Awards Seminar Series combined a workshop on renewable energy projects in NSW and a site visit to the landmark Barangaroo project - one of Sydney’s newest attractions and stand-out examples of renewable energy practices at work.  Commencing the day with speakers from the Department of Industry and Department of Planning and Environment an interactive exercise followed with Australia Awards in Indonesia students from University of Sydney, Macquarie University, UNSW, Western Sydney University and University of Wollongong were provided with maps of renewable energy sites in NSW and the task of identifying future new sites according to a range of criteria on which renewable energy sites are determined.

Astari Anjani and Renita Moniaga explaining their choice of sites for future renewable NSW energy projects - NSW Gov’t AAI Seminar Series April 2017

The afternoon was spent as a site visit to Barangaroo consisting of an introduction to the site at the Barangaroo project office overlooking Darling Harbour and the Barangaroo development site.  This was followed by a visit to the depths of the towers at Barangaroo where the tour guides explained the water, energy and waste recycling features.  The final stage in the site visit was to the Barangaroo headland which has been reconfigured and is in the process of being restored with native vegetation.  This has provided a total transformation from it former state as a port and shipping container terminal.  Mary the indigenous tour guide introduced the group to a range of native plants and explained their value to indigenous communities for food and medicinal purposes over many thousands of years.  The tour concluded on the headland overlooking the west side of Sydney Harbour.  The NSW Government through the Department of Premier and Cabinet is providing a five seminar series for Australia Awards in Indonesia students in NSW.  The Series will conclude in August with a ceremony at Government House Sydney at which the NSW Governor General David Hurley will be present.

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