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Australia Awards scholar from Indonesia Nova Rubianti with her friends and colleagues at the International Students Beach Soccer Day at Coogee, NSW, September 2018

02 Oct 2018

International Student’s Beach Soccer Tournament 2018

Macquarie University AAI scholar Nova Rubianti (Rubi) joined more than 500 other international students recently at Coogee Beach in Sydney to participate in the 2018 NSW Police Force International Student’s Beach Soccer Tournament.  Held each year, this event aims to profile the work of the NSW Police amongst international students.  Rubi was amazed at the diversity of backgrounds amongst those participating in the event observing teams from Bangladesh, South Korea, Nepal, China, Brazil, India. Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey and several African countries.

Rubi reported that the police representatives came with all sorts of equipment including squad cars and invited students to ask lots of questions to inspect the equipment and to talk about their work. “Detective Superintendant Gavin Dengate, Corporate Spokesperson for International Students spoke about safety on the beach, maintaining security while walking home at night from university, how to reach out to the police, and he emphasized how they want to provide a comfortable and safe environment for international students in NSW,” Rubi stated.  Culinary delights on the day were provided by a chef sponsored by the Malaysian Consulate in Sydney – who produced an array of mouth-watering recipes from Malaysia.  The best thing about the Beach Soccer Day according to Rubi?   “Apart from the opportunity to have some fun on the beach with our friends, we got a much closer feeling towards the police men and women of the NSW police force. They greeted us when we arrived and freely talked to us and definitely helped to dispel the traditional view of the police”.

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